Crypto-codegrabber Toyota/Lexus/Subaru 2016.


The "Crypto-codegrabber" digital system is designed for testing factory remote controls installed on TOYOTA/LEXUS vehicles equipped with ignition keys of type B4, 94, 98 of the SMART type. The system consists of a transmitter and a smartphone that controls the system.

Technical Features:

  • Supported frequencies in the USA and EU
  • Fast data saving algorithm (car-5 sec., Key-20 sec.)
  • 20 independent memory slots for storing key data
  • 20 any actions (open or close)
  • The ability to add a text reminder to any slot
  • The distance to the key is from 1 to 5 m
  • Small dimensions 30x190x240 mm
  • Flat battery protection
  • Convenient operation with a smartphone

Supported models (from 2006 to 2016):

  • AM frequency: LC 200, LX 570, CAMRY, RAV 4, LS and similar
  • FM frequency: PRADO, RX, GX, Venza and similar
  • Supported models are EU (433MHz) and US (315MHz)