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Kia/Hyundai Key programmer

3500 € Buy

 “Hyundai / Kia Key-Prog” — is a standalone device for electronic key registration on Hyundai and Kia passenger vehicles. The device supports immobilizer systems with «Ordinary key», “Smart key” w/o key slot and “Smart key” with key slot.

Hyundai / KiaKey Prog works in manual mode and automatic mode.
   In automatic mode, this device scans the PIN-code and programs the key. If the PIN-code was not found, the programming mode is possible in manual mode only.

   In manual mode, the device must be connected to any computer via USB port for recording PIN-code into the device. The code can be counted by the calculator according to the VIN or you can order PIN-code from your dealer. After that you can quickly program the key.


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