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Repeater Toyota/Lexus 2019 LONG + SHORT

5000 € Buy

UPDATE 09.2019

The device is designed to work with cars equipped with KEYLESS GO keyless entry system and has 2 broadcast modes: SHORT_KEY— transmits a signal only from the car to the key — short mode (the distance between blocks is 50-150 meters and depends on the state of the battery in the key) and LONG_KEY— transmits a signal from the car to the key and from the key to the car — long mode (the distance between the blocks is 500-700 METERS).

Two modes:

1 short mode  — All cars (except Mercedes FBS4 and Audi.)

2 long mode — Toyota / Lexus (88,А8,А9,AA)

* Enable PIN
* Working display
* All actions are shown on the display.
* America 315 / Europe 433
* Key Detection — Through Headphones
* Button lock





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