KeyLess repeater “WAVE-S 3D” (FBS4)

The unique technology of transmitting signal levels using a 3D antenna, available in "WAVE-S (3D)" (in three directions simultaneously - as used in the original key!), allowed to multiply the number and quality of responses and increase the efficiency of the device to a whole new level!

  • The device works with all car models and years. (2022 inclusive.)
  • Works on the principle of relaying the signal to the native key.
  • 5 modes (Added Audi and Mercedes FBS4)
  • The irradiation range of the SMART key is up to 10 meters**
  • The range from the key to the car is from 50 to 200 meters (depends on the battery level in the key).
**This distance is only available if there is an additional antennas. (Without antenna 4-6 meters)

Supported car models:

Audi – All
Mercedes – All (FBS3 — FBS4)
BMW – All (E, F, G — series)
Porche – All
Toyota/Lexus – All
Nissan/Infiniti – All
Ford — All
Chevrolet - All
Cadillac — All
Citroen — All
Chrysler - All
Geely - All
Haval - All
Honda - All
Jeep - All
Hyundai — All
Kia — All
Mazda - All
Mitsubishi - All
Opel — All
Peugeot — All
Renault — All
Seat — All
Skoda — All
Suzuki — All
Tesla — All
Volkswagen — All
Volvo - All
LandRover / RangeRover / Jaguar — All
Rolls Roys